Speaking Matters

I offer presentations ranging from a one-hour keynote to a five-day workshop on a whole range of topics, including leadership, positive psychology, ethics, and innovation.
Happiness Academy

Happiness Academy

The mission of the Happiness Studies Academy is to lead the happiness revolution, by educating leaders who are themselves dedicated to personal, interpersonal, and communal flourishing.


The purpose of Potentialife is to develop leaders on a large scale in organizations—at all levels and across all functions. Drawing on the science of positive psychology, we have created a unique and innovative platform that includes lectures, apps, and face-to-face interactions that can offer you and your colleagues personalized leadership development.


Maytiv offers educational institutions scientifically validated curricula that can bring about positive change in the classroom and the community. By providing educators with the teaching material and the necessary training, we empower them to become positive change agents who can enhance their own and their students’ wellbeing.


The purpose of Happier.TV is to spread happiness—to provide fun, accessible, and scientifically based video content that can help individuals and communities flourish. In Happier.TV you will find a whole range of formats—from short tips to longer workshops, from lectures to interviews—drawing on a whole range of disciplines—from psychology to philosophy, from business to art.
Books & DVD's

Books & DVD's

I have written a number of books on different topics that you can purchase online, in hardcopy, audio, or electronic form. Additionally, I have collaborated on a couple of video projects with PBS that are now offered on DVD.